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“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will love you. That's where I'll be waiting.”

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Strolling over the the pretty strawberry blonde woman in the park, Wendy looked up at her and said, "Hello! I am Wendy, Wendy Darling. I noticed the animals following you and grew a bit curious. How do you do it? Do you keep treats in your dress?" Perhaps a bit too curious, Wendy was.


Giselle looked over to see a young girl had approached her. She smiled kindly at her. “It’s very nice to meet you Wendy, my name is Giselle!” she replied pleasantly. She took a moment to consider her questions.

"Well, back home my only friends were animals, so I think they just know that I can be trusted. I bring them treats sometimes, but for the most part they come to me," she said with a small shrug.

It must be magic then. I knew it. 

"That’s so sweet. I wish I could have animals follow me around. Where do you come from?" Wendy asked, flashing pleasantly curious gaze at the stranger. Pulling back a stray curl behind her ear, Wendy continued to look at the stranger for a response.


Darling Pan Week: Day 6 | EternityThere will always be a Peter & Wendy

Darling Pan Week: Day 6 | Eternity
There will always be a Peter & Wendy

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Woodland Wonderland || Wendy & Alice


"That would be especially bad, as I’m not quite sure how to go back the way we just came… but checking the door is a brilliant idea," she went over and turned the door handle, but no matter how hard she pulled Alice was unable to yank it open. For leverage she tried to put one foot on the side of the door and tug again… but to no avail.

Standing back up she straightened out her skirts and rubbed her hands a little, she had been trying so hard she may have caused blisters. “I don’t think it’s locked, but rather jammed,” she stated as she gave the door a sturdy kick, scuffing her shoes more. “Maybe if we try together we can heave it open.”

Strolling over to assist her roommate, Wendy tried a tug at the door, pulling to all of her arm strength’s power. The strain on her muscles started to take its toll as the girls tried to pry the door even a smidgen open. 

"This… is… harder than it looks isn’t it?" Wendy managed to say as the two pulled."Surely it shouldn’t be this hard." Taking a momentary break, Wendy rung out her hands so they would not feel so inflamed. Taking a look at the brown door again, a face started to form on the knob. 

"Why this door is simply impassable without the key," the door stated bluntly, though its tone was full personality. 

"Then how do we get through then?" Wendy asked, confused by the thought of the door knob talking. "If it is impassable, does that necessarily mean it is impossible to get through? Alice said there was a key, but it is simply not here. Where is it?" 

"It’s right there of course," the knob snorted at the table with the drink on it. With a ding, there appeared the key next to the drink. 

I can’t believe it took us this long to ask the doorknob for directions.

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


"What?  My wings?" Tink asked.  Then she shook it off.  She tapped her finger on her chin and tried to think of what Wendy could do.

She got an idea and tugged Wendy’s hair gently.  She led Wendy to the side of the ship.  She pointed to a small swampy area where the Crocodile lived.

She quickly surrounded Wendy and pixie dust and beckoned for Wendy to follow her.

Tink quickly flew over to Peter and talked in his ear while he laughed and battled with Hook.

"I’m getting the crocodile," Tinker Bell said.

"Great idea Tink," said Peter.  He ducked as Hook’s sword swung at his head.

"Hold still boy!" growled Hook.

"I’m too fast for a codfish!" Peter laughed and chanted.

Tink flew back over to Wendy and they flew towards the swamp.

Squinting as Tinker Bell tried to communicate with her, Wendy translated the movements to go that way: towards a swamp. Nodding, Wendy hoped that Tinker Bell would give her more guidance. As Tink flew away towards Peter to tell him something, Wendy remained lost in thought on what they were doing only to be snapped into reality with the return of the fairy. 

As the pair reunited, they flew towards the shore and then more deeply into the swamp. It smelled of moss and buzzed with the excitement of every bug that happened to live there. Light bugs were near the dark waters of the night, and cat tails rose gently above the surface. Tinker Bell and Wendy zoomed over it so quickly that a little trail of wind rippled into the water as they flew by. 

The puzzle started to come together as Wendy heard a mysterious ticking noise lurking nearby. 

"Oh, I see," Wendy proclaimed as the ticking got closer. Searching through the star and moonlight for the source, Wendy saw two beady eyes from the corner of her eye. 

"Tink, he’s right there!" Wendy exclaimed pointing to the two eyes. "How do we get it to follow us back to the ship?" The voice level of the girl’s voice had dropped so that if the crocodile understood that hopefully it would not get too upset. 

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I’ll Think of A Mermaid Lagoon || Arista & Wendy


Arista giggled slightly, she knew Ariel, perhaps too well! Obviously Wendy did not know of the sisters Ariel had, and only of King Triton. She could only imagine her father trying to drown her, and raised an eyebrow at how crazy it all sounded.

"Of course I know Ariel! I guess she told you about father, but not much else! I’m one of her sisters! My name is Arista, also a princess of Atlantica." Arista said coolly, blinking her blue eyes at Wendy. "You must be Wendy darling! I’ve heard about you! All good things, I promise. — and the whole drowning thing, so untrue!! None of the mermaids where I’m from have ever done that! I could never drown a human."

Arista looked around, wide-eyed in awe. “Can I just say this place is BEE-YOU-TIFUL?”

"Oh so you’re one of Ariel’s sisters!" Wendy exasperated, her tone with a sudden shift to cheery. "I don’t think I ever got the pleasure of meeting you when I went to Atla.." Wendy paused, she did not want to get Ariel in trouble for bringing her to Atlantica. Amongst the confusion in her thoughts, Wendy let out a slight cough. "Sorry, I think I just felt something in my throat."

Following Arista’s eyes, Wendy examined the Mermaid Lagoon. “It is quite a nice place besides some of the inhabitants who are rather unsavory. I used to think all mermaid were nice until I met the ones who live here, then it was exactly the opposite. Then I met Ariel and my opinion changed. I guess I can’t quite ever fully understand this place. I do like you though now that I know you are not from here.” 

Shifting her gaze back over to Arista, Wendy shot her a joyful grin. 

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


Hook spun around and saw Pan and his men flying towards the ship.  He also saw Tinker Bell not far behind Pan.

Hook turned to the crew member who supposedly crushed her tiny bones.

"You said that pixie wouldn’t be well for months," he growled.

"I thought it wouldn’t," said the crew member nervously.

"Now they have the upper hand because of the pixie dust!" yelled Hook.  He turned to his crew members.  "Shoot the net canon!" he screamed.

The Lost Boys flew down and began their battle with the pirates.  Peter and Tink observed for a few moments.  Peter was completely oblivious to the net canon pointed in his direction.

"Fire!" Tink heard Hook yell.

She turned and gasped, “Peter look out!”

Peter turned and dodged the net narrowly.

"Blast you Peter Pan!" screamed Hook.

"Ha ha! You gotta do better than that Captain," said Peter and while he flew down and began a sword fight with Hook, Tink flew down and greeted Wendy.

"Wendy!  Are you okay?" she asked.

"Tinker Bell, you are okay!" Wendy commented, sniffing up he tears back into place. "Captain Hook told me that he tore off your wings. I thought you were dead, Tink, and that was a truly dreadful place to be in." 

Peter Pan swooped down from his fight and quickly sliced the ropes off the pole before returning to Hook’s battle. Wendy immediately rubbed her hands on her arms to circulate the blood back in her system. Turning towards Tinker Bell, she giving a caring look. 

"I am truly happy that you are okay, Tink. Neverland without Tinker Bell would not be a place that I want to visit," Wendy confided. "I was so worried that you had died from Captain Hook’s story, but I simply could not believe that a fairy as extraordinary as you could fall to such a foe. I just believed the best I could and here you are." Wendy gazed gently over to the fairy for a brief moment studying her eyes. The clinks of the swords snapped Wendy back to reality. Surveying her surroundings quickly, she studied each situation the Lost Boys were engaged in from dropping canon balls on the heads of lousy pirates to pirate’s loosing their pants and jumping overboard. 

"What can I do to help?" 

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Frosty Holiday || Wendy, Mary Poppins, and Bert



Mary Poppins rolled her eyes, but for once, it wasn’t so exasperated. She was amused, perhaps a little bit pleased, and terribly fond of his foolishly selfless gestures. Still she removed her gloves and took the cone from him, unable to meet his eyes when he gently touched her fingers with his.

Quietly, she murmured, “I shall find some way to pay you for this, even though you so adamantly refuse to accept money from me.” She sighed, and took a lick, catching a dribble down the side.

It really did taste like a sweet, icey version of tea with cream. She smiled a bit, casting a glance at Wendy. “Well, you must like it in some manner, or I don’t expect you would have taken another bite.”

She took another few licks of her own ice cream. “Bert, you may need more ice for your ice box soon. It’s already quite soft.”

"Well, see, while I was boilin’ the cream, Uncle Albert musta’ been at the sherry, he ‘fought it was water an’ tha’ I ‘ad started preparing supper early and, well… I aint one to waste noffin’ so I made it work, I think!" He gave the young lady a wink and a grin before glancing sheepishly over to his cart, "Oh, er… yes, I suppose! I thought I ‘ad just enough fer’ this weather bu’ sun is sun, regardless of the wind, eh?"

He sighed shaking his head as he scratched at the back of his neck, “I suppose I shoul’ call it a day- shame, still so much of the afternoon left! An’ no’ a lot of space in Al’s icebox. He won’ be laughin’ when I bring this slop back. Maybe Rog’s got sommin’ bigger…”

"That’s funny!" Wendy laughed. She could see something like this happening with her in the kitchen, Wendy was never a natural chef or anything of the sort. Looking down at the ice cream, Wendy had decided that she liked he cabbage and butter ice cream. It was not her regular treat, she must say, but she did enjoy it’s peculiarity. 

"Uncle Albert sounds like a delight!" Wendy commented, eyes squinched with joy. "Hopefully you can squeeze it in there. Or maybe you could have an ice cream party and invite your friends over from some soft serve! That would be fun." 

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


Peter and the Lost boys were hiding in the trees.  Hook’s ship was a few yards from them.

Tinker Bell squinted her eyes and tried to spot Wendy.

She gasped when she saw her being tied to the mast.  ”Peter, there!” Tink cried and pointed.

Peter squinted his eyes and gave Tink a smile, “Nice job, Tink.  Now here’s the plan, You all distract the pirates while Tink and I untie Wendy.  Then, I’ll deal with Hook.”

The boys nodded.  Tink saluted Peter.  She was feeling much better now.  She tested her wings and flew off of Peter’s shoulder.

Peter gave her a wink then took out his dagger.  ”Charge!” he shouted.

They all flew towards Hook’s ship. 

As Wendy began to compose herself for the worst of possibilities—walking the plank— she felt a shadow glance over the ship. It was still dark outside, but the puff of wind and a slightly darker moving shadow compelled Wendy to believe they were here, they being the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. 

Gazing upwards in the confusion, she saw the Lost Boys and Peter Pan narrowing in on the Jolly Roger from above. 

"Peter!" Wendy gasped softly, hoping none of the pirates could hear. As the feet of the band of boys touched the ship, Wendy called out again. "Peter! I am over here Peter!" 

The battle had begun. 

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A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


Ariel giggled and nodded. “Yes! He’s a fish! He can be a guppy at times, pretty nervous most of the time, but he’s really a sweetheart. I’m pretty sure he’ll like you! Sebastian, well…he can be pretty…crabby.” She put a hand to her lips and smiled. 

"Ah, well…hm…I guess I can introduce you to Daddy. I can give him an update on what happened in Neverland as well…sort of. Maybe tell him that I am showing one of the mermaids from Neverland around here after negotiating!" 

She gently put a hand on Wendy’s shoulder. “He might be a bit intimidating, but don’t feel too nervous. He’s like any other dad.” 

"He sounds like good company to me. An would Sebastian happen to be a crab? That would also be quite funny," Wendy smiled warmly, now wanting to meet Flounder. 

"I don’t want to get you into any trouble… maybe I should wait outside while you speak with him. I don’t want to get in trouble with the King on my trip here." The girl was honestly nervous to meet the King, even though he was Ariel’s father. She could only guess what could happen and Wendy did not necessarily want to be down here under the sea forever. 

"Okay," Wendy responded, looking at Ariel in the eyes. Wendy was somewhat comforted by Ariel’s remarks, but she was internally still a bit skittish by the conquest. 

#curious-mermaid#A NEW WORLD TO EXPLORE

A Little Princess Tea Party || Penny & Wendy


Penny pushed back her viking helmet and tilted her head. Wendy wasn’t a familiar face- Certainly not one from Morningside, which cheered her considerably. The other children at Morningside found her— Odd, at best.

"I’m Penny-" She paused, then corrected herself, "Queen Molgrath of the vikings. An’ I did! I mean, mostly. Ms. Duffy made the food!”

She moved Teddy over to clear a space for Wendy, pouring her a cup and moving it her way,

"Are you a princess, or a Viking?"

"I think I might be, Princess Wendybird of Neverland." Wendy remained in place looking over to the moved teddy bear with a steady gaze. "It is fine with me if your teddy bear remain in place. The grass is quite soft," Wendy reassured. "What is his name?"

"That is nice that Ms. Duffy helped you! It must have taken you some time to assemble a setting this pretty," Wendy commented, her eyes squinching together with glee. "Who is this Ms. Duffy? She sounds delightful being able to help you with your preparations."

"Now, fair Queen Molgrath of the vikings, how has your kingdom been? Hopefully you have had not trouble with invaders, or anything of the sort," Wendy asked, playing along with the little girl. Wendy took a sip from the lemonade glass after she spoke. 

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro peered over at the ship. His eyes glistened as Wendy exclaimed. “Really!?” The boy looked at Wendy and returned the smile. 

It’s time! Finally, some adventure!

Hiro felt like a child at Disneyland, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He nodded at Wendy’s command as he cheered and leapt off of the cloud, daring towards the Jolly Roger.

He successfully landed after turning around the pirate ship to its entrance. “Wendy?” He looked back at the young girl, “Oh, there you are.” Hiro glared at the ship.

"What if they come back and catch us? We’ll make it out in time, …won’t we?" He questioned.

Wendy followed closely behind Hiro as he led the way towards the Jolly Roger. Landing gracefully on the surrounding gate and then down into the deck, Wendy looked back over to the boy as he spoke. She smiled as he wondered aloud where she was. 

"Right here, Hiro," Wendy smiled, as her foot was placed firmly on the deck. 

"I think they went inland. I saw the rowboat from above on shore. We just have to be careful. If one of us get caught we might have to rely on each other to save the other. Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell have no idea we are here," Wendy explained. "I would honestly feel more comfortable not on this ship just for that likelihood, but we will do what you want. This is your first trip to Neverland. We must make it everything as exciting as what you read in the book."

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


"Because she brought you here.  She couldn’t save Peter on her own.  But dear Wendy, she did succeed in freeing Peter and the Lost Boys.  However, they were too late to save her," Hook said and dropped the wings and they floated down onto the rotting wood.

"Now Wendy, how long do you think it will take for Peter to save you?  We’ll be ready for him," said Hook and he smiled devilishly and walked up the stairs.  He walked up to a crew member and gave him orders, "Get the net canon ready.  And bring Wendy above decks and tie her to the base of the mast."


Tinker Bell was sitting on her bed, which was a mushroom and holding her side.  She gave Peter and the lost boys a small smile.

"I’m feeling better, just a bit sore.  Peter, you have to go and save Wendy.  Who knows what Hook’s doing to her," she said.

"I need you to come with me Tink," said Peter.

"I don’t know if I can," said Tink.

"But you said you were feeling better," said Cubby.

Tink slid off of her bed and slowly stood.  It was true that she was still sore.

"I’ll go with, but I can’t fight," said Tink.

Peter nodded.  He held his hand out and Tink climbed onto it.  He put her onto his shoulder.

"Slightly, Tink’s pixie dust bag is in there, distribute it to everyone," commanded Peter.

Slightly did as he was told and all of the Lost Boys began to fly.

"Let’s go, Wendy needs us," said Peter.

The Lost boys cheered then they all flew out of the secret hideout and off towards Hook’s ship.

Wendy turned away as the Captain he spoke. 

No, it simply can’t be! Tinker Bell could live! Tinker Bell could live with out her wings. I believe she can! Oh, I do. I do believe in Tinker Bell. If there was one thing I believe in right now it is Tinker Bell. 

The crew man nodded to the Captain as he took Wendy and led her to the mast. The stair creaked in its own orchestra as she went up and continued with its bass as she went across the deck. Assembling herself with her back against the mast pole, the pirate tied her to the pole. Wendy arched her neck, not daring to look at her captor in the eyes.  

Peter will come for me, I know he will. If he and the Lost Boys are free, I am certain they will come for me. 

A tear fell down Wendy’s cheek as the thoughts of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys circled her mind, and most importantly Tinker Bell’s fate. Wendy was hopeful that Tinker Bell might miraculously be okay, but Wendy could never be certain about things like this. The girl was helpless to wipe the tear, and instead it dried on her cheek.

"Peter Pan, you better be coming for me…" Wendy whispered so softly it was barely audible to her. 

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Do What Frozen Things Do || Olaf & Wendy


Olaf smiled happily. He loved it when people said something nice about his nose. He was rather proud of it. “Thank you. Your nose is very nice too! Its so cute!” He reached forward tapping her nose lightly with the tip of his twig finger. It was a perfect human nose for a girl. “I have a friend whos nose is very big and he has antlers on top of his head and he is friends with another person who has a very nice big nose.” Olaf was of course talking about Sven and Kristoff. He did like to see what kind of noses people had sometimes.


The little snowman listened, entranced as the girl talked about London. “It sounds like a very nice place. I wish I can go there someday!” Olaf loved to discover and have adventures and he hoped that he would have some soon especially with his friends. He had the most adventurous adventure with Ann, Kristoff and Sven, but now he wanted more adventures.

He nodded in agreement. “Elsa is a very nice person.” He smiled as he waddled forward, wrapping his arms, as much as they could go around the girls middle, as he hugged her. Looking up at her but still with his arms around her he smiled. “You’re a really good person already! I only have the inclination to hug a good person!”


Wendy laughed at she felt the edge of the snowman’s hand touch her nose. “I am sure they are delightful company! Are they nice?” Wendy considered the sizes of noses of the people she had met. None seemed to stand out, although she had read stories of a puppet whose nose grew tremendously when they lied. It was German, but Wendy could not remember the rest. 

"It is nice. I like London. Maybe one day you could go there. You have your own personal flurry, so you could go anywhere! Even a desert," Wendy started, flouncing about as she spoke. Even Wendy has never been to a desert, but the world was big out there, and she was sure if snowman desired to go there that he could. 

"Oh my, well you are quite a good person, or perhaps snowman too," Wendy returned. The embrace was sweet, and Wendy felt the coldness of his snow against her dress, but it did not bother her. As the cuddle came to an end, Wendy looked back down to the snowman. "I don’t think I ever told you my name! I am Wendy." 

#myveryownpersonalflurry#do what frozen things do

Girls Talk Too Much || Elsa & Wendy


Crash landings tend to do that.

She didn’t say this out loud - maybe this girl was new at her powers, and Elsa knew well how hard it could be to learn control - but instead examined Wendy’s back closely.  She reached a hand out, hesitated, then said, “Sometimes the best thing for back pain is ice and rest.  I can’t help with the latter, but if you’ll let me,” she pressed her lips together firmly, “I can try to help cool it down.”

Yes, she was occasionally having trouble with her power, but this…well, if nothing else, they were surrounded by snow.  She didn’t have to use her powers.  It’d be best but she didn’t have to do it.

Wendy nodded in response. A nice cool down would be nice. The Queen would surely now how to help especially if these walks out here were common. 

"That sounds great," Wendy replied as she laid on her stomach on the snow. Her arms were out in front of her and her legs stretched out behind her. "I can’t say I am much ready to get up." 

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