Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie dust
“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

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Indian Brave || Pocahontas & Wendy

Once again Peter had left on some rant about trouble, but Wendy had learned not to mind it and it had become a natural pattern. Though the Indians had been some what nasty to her originally, Wendy thought about revisiting them. 

It has been awhile, and hopefully this time they will not be so bossy. 

As Wendy considered her options, she found that she had drifted mid air towards the campsite. Seeing the smoke rise from the pits and the Reds scattered about, Wendy took the plunge downwards. As graceful as a swan, Wendy landed down upon her feet just out of sight. Wendy readied herself by brushing her dress and fluffing her hair like a duck. With her head held high, Wendy strode into the village. 

Natives were everywhere gathering the necessary supplies for survival. The faces all looked so familiar from her last visit except one. The attire of this native was more short and revealed more skin. She was quite more beautiful than the rest and looked more lost. Captivating Wendy’s interest immediately, Wendy sauntered to the stranger. 

"Hello," Wendy greeted. "You look a little lost. Do you think I could help you?"

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Girls Talk too Much || Open RP

Mountains surrounded the small town the Darlings were staying in. Mr. Darling had insisted that the family take a vacation to a mountainous region. The cold air is good for your health and the hot springs are good for your skin, he had said. Sighing, Wendy took in her surroundings. They were surreal, she would give them that, but Wendy found them a bore to the adventures she had with Peter. 

"Wendy! We are off to par-ooze the town! We will be back soon," Mrs. Darling called from the door of the hotel. 

This is my chance! Wendy scrambled for the hidden vile of pixie dust in her jacket and doused herself in it. Levitating off the ground, Wendy busted through the windows with a great umph. Looking down at the peoples and up to the birds, Wendy hadn’t realized she had barreled upwards into the snows of the surrounding mountains. Crashing to the snow, Wendy dosed off before she could scan her surroundings. 


Fluttering her eyes open, Wendy heard voices calling something, but as she came to realized there was a figure in front of her. Someone who’s voice she did not recognize. 


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"Oh, what a charming young girl you are!" Drizella smiled fondly at the girl, instantly appreciating her sense of charm and mannerism.



"Thank you so much! It is not every day that I meet someone as nice as you," Wendy beamed. Pulling a strand of her hair behind her ear, she gazed up at the woman in front of her. "You, as well, seem equally as charming. I can only guess how many suitors are after you! Mother always says that the proper girls get married first, and you seem quite proper."

"Why the pleasure is ultimately mine, Wendy. You speak as if you have lived a luxurious life! Very mature for your age, I tell you. Any suitor would fall in love with your personality.  Oh, My mother is quite good, you know, she tends to my every need. As a good mother would.” Drizella shifted her feet, and smiled again. “Do you live in England? I’m a visitor, staying with my aunt.”

"Living life is a luxury all in its self. Well, Father says that I must grow up because I am acting as if I was a foolish child. I don’t think much of his comment because he is a kindhearted man all in all, but I don’t like this growing up business," Wendy stated. She loved her father so, but felt as though sometimes he did not understand her ways. By sometimes, she meant all the time. “England is my home! Maybe you picked up on this accent. You seem to have a french one, are you from France? If so, your English is very good.”

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


"Oh, happiest thoughts! That is how you fly!"

"Is it?" She asked. Of course, Mary knew that was true. Much of her past was a bit fuzzy, but she still remembered the way her feet had left the ground after her fourth husband kissed her for the first time. Of course, that was only hovering. Humans couldn’t typically fly without the aid of something else, like an umbrella, or the wind, or pixie dust, which she very much imagined must have been the case for anyone going to Neverland.

Instead of pressing on about happy thoughts, and flying through the air, she focused in on the girl’s question. Who have given it to her? “Well, the vase is one I had on hand, but the ribbon and lavender were given to me by a man called Bert. It wasn’t any sort of grand gesture, but… it’s the small things that have always meant the world to me.”

Mary brightened just a bit. Wendy seemed very eager to talk about Neverland, which was fine by Mary. It wasn’t a place she had visited, or had much of an understanding of. She didn’t like being in the dark about these things. It was partially why she read so much.

In her long life, Mary had met royalty, the finest Sorceress in the world, Merlin himself… but she had never encountered Peter Pan. The forever-young boy who was only spoken of by children, and adults who remembered him as a dream. Perhaps it was high time she made his acquaintance.

"Well, I look forward to meeting them all. How often does Peter come by to see you?"

"Bert? He sounds like a fine fellow," Wendy complimented. "Sometimes it is those small things, or the memories. Peter comes by every now and then to take me to Neverland. He hasn’t come by in awhile, so he is a due for a visit." 

As Wendy spoke her last word she heard a yell from down the hall. 

"Wendy! It is time you left the nanny alone, she has to settle in for a bit," Mrs. Darling ordered. Looking up to Miss Poppins, Wendy gave innocent gaze. 

"I guess that means I must be going," Wendy excused. "Mother’s orders." 

Maybe this is the start of something new. Miss Poppins cannot be too bad. 

Giving a slight curtsy, Wendy began to exit through the doorway she had been standing in. 

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


"With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row," she finished. "It’s not precisely nonsense. Many believe it to be an allegory about Queen Mary I, but that’s neither here nor there. To most, it’s just some pretty words."

She looked back at the little silver vase then. “Oh, no, dear.” Mary reached deeply into her bag once more. When she withdrew her arm, she held a little crystal bottle with a pale liquid inside. “This is my perfume. The vase only holds some dried lavender, given to me by a very dear friend.” She reached into her pocket then, and withdrew a blue ribbon, which she tied prettily around the neck of the vase. “Seeing it when I wake gives me happy thoughts for the day. An excellent way to start, I think.”

Her following mention of Peter Pan gave her pause. From Wendy’s description, he came to visit with some regularity.

Wendy Darling was twelve-years-old. Nearly a teenager, and he visited her regularly. Either it meant he wasn’t quite so afraid of growing up as he let on, or he was dreadfully selfish. What would happen when Wendy became a woman? Would he stop visiting altogether? 

Mary knew it was cruel. She herself had done just that in the past. She didn’t need to see the aftermath to know how upsetting it was.

None of this concern showed in her expression though. She simply smiled at the girl, looking a smidge patronizing, as though she didn’t honestly believe a word Wendy had said.

"Maybe so, if he would allow it. Just as long as I am not mistaken for a pirate-" She stopped suddenly then, and quirked a brow, mulling over the idea. "Although… I do believe I could get along with that lot, if it came to it. What do you think?"

"I would not call it pretty words. Cockle shells sound harsh, though they are just seashells. I don’t like poetry that much," Wendy conversed. 

Wendy watched as the nanny pulled out the crystal vial. The pale liquid entranced Wendy with its beauty. The crystal glittered in the sunlight and Wendy saw it colors more clearly. 

"Oh, happiest thoughts! That is how you fly!" Wendy exclaimed, filled with joy because of the smallest phrase. "From whom did you receive it? They must be quite special to give you something so meaningful." 

The look given by the nanny gave no effect to Wendy. Wendy was used to the mad look people gave her when she spoke of Neverland. Her parents gave her that look when she first spoke of Neverland. The look said everything, but Wendy knew it was real. Nothing could discourage Wendy from imposing that the tales she told of Neverland were true. 

"Well, as long as you do not act like a pirate, I am sure you will fit in quite well. Maybe you could better explain the importance of a mother to the Lost Boys. They do not very well understand the existence of Mother," Wendy explained with great enthusiasm. "The Lost Boys may be ready to end their adventures in Neverland then! I doubt you could ever convince Peter to retire from his journeys to Neverland. He is one of the most stubborn boys I have ever met, but great none-the-less."

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


"Now you’re being contrary." She pursed her lips, looking at the girl critically, but sighed after a moment. "But very well, I suppose I shall try again. I enjoy knitting late at night to help me sleep. If I don’t need anything in particular, I make a scarf and unravel it to start again the next night. I like to read anything I can find, and have read well over 2000 books in my life, fiction and non-fiction. I like to make perfume from wildflowers from a very particular part of the English countryside, because it reminds me of home, and… I enjoy going on the occasional adventure."

Her wording on the last bit remained unchanged. No need to elaborate. Perhaps Wendy herself would find out what Mary meant. Perhaps she would witness the secrets a simple pavement picture held, or catch a glimpse of a statue shifting to get comfortable. Only time would tell.

A little smile broke through her expression, listening to Wendy’s description of the boy of legend. The boy who never grew up. Perhaps, had Mary been a child forever, things wouldn’t have been so bad.

No, they would have been worse. Peter Pan was some kind of spirit. It wasn’t she same, and she knew it.

"I should like to hear one someday. Would that be alright?"

"Oh there is this rhyme I used to sing in grade school: Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? I have forgotten the rest because it was utter nonsense," Wendy commented. "You must be very well educated. I bet you read the whole library then. Is that what is in your vase then, perfume?" 

Miss Poppins’ elaborations only made Wendy more curious especially her unchanging comment of liking the adventures. Maybe, Peter Pan would take her with on a trip to Neverland. Peter did not like adults that much though, but perhaps the trip would loosen Miss Poppins up or make her leave. Each option was favorable to Wendy. 

"Adventures are wonderful. Maybe you could come with Peter and I one night. He tends to wary of adults, but he might make an exception if I put in a good word given my standing in Neverland," Wendy bragged as she puffed out her chest like a boasting Indian. "I might be able to tell you a few stories. Michael and John like to hear them every night before bed, so you might be able to come sneak a listen."

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Just a Patch Job || Edna & Wendy

"But Mother, I want a new dress not this one," Wendy complained. "Everyone at school has new ones and I have to stay with this dingy thing." 

"Wendy, you know that you cannot have everything you want," Mrs. Darling stated. "We are getting this one patched up, end of story." 

Little to her Mother’s knowledge, Wendy had torn her dress in order to get a new one that the other girls her age had. Wendy should have known it was foolish to tear just a single part of it. Tearing up the whole thing would have been better. Of course, her mother insisted that they must go to the nearest tailor to get it repaired because of the delicacy of the fabric. 

Wendy and her mother were walking down the street of London’s shopping district to find the best tailor in town, but little to Wendy’s knowledge she found that this store was modern with all the latest fashion trends. As they entered the store, Wendy unbuttoned her greyish blue jacket to reveal her current outfit: a light blue knee length dress with a darker blue ribbon around the waist complimented with a pair of knee length socks and black shoes. Her straw hat completed the outfit with a match dark blue ribbon. 

The shop was bustling with people moving around fabirc, getting measured for a dress and women stitching the back. Fashionable dresses of the period were displayed all around the room and attendants everywhere were helping customers. 

"Wow," Wendy exclaimed. Turning to her mother, she looked at her straight in the eyes with clasped hands. "Please Mother may I get a new dress. There are so many lovely ones in this shop, and I absolutely must have one."

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


Mary listened quite patiently to the little girl’s assessment of school, but she had gotten a bit distracted by the mention of Neverland. She had heard of it. Anyone who had lived a lifetime or two had. Usually, it was only little boys who made the journey, and they didn’t have the habit of ever returning. In fact, she had heard rumors about them being unable to return, and growing up into pirates, of all things.

As she had never been herself, she was somewhat skeptical on that point.

But Wendy seemed quite confident, in her mention. Had she truly visited, or had she simply heard stories? She did say herself that she liked to tell them…

"Oh, I suppose the same sorts of things that any woman enjoys. Knitting, reading, making perfume, going on the occasional adventure…" Suddenly seeming to remember something, Mary Poppins reached into her bag again, withdrawing a very small, slender vase, and three sprigs of dried lavender, which she deftly put in the vase. She set the simple little arrangement on her writing desk and looked at it fondly for a moment.

"What sorts of stories do you like to tell, dear?"

"You suppose? Shouldn’t you know? I suppose a lot of things, but don’t you think you should know what you like? I am sure you are not as similar as every other woman in London," Wendy began, frusturated that the mysterious nanny had such normal likings. "I like to tell stories about Peter Pan. He is an amazing boy who never grows up who lives with the lost boys. He fights pirates, and defeats even the dreaded Captain Hook. 

As Wendy spoke, she watched as Miss Poppins placed the vase on the shelf. It’s lavender scent flooded Wendy’s nostril bringing back nostalgia of the English country side. It had only been one vacation when Wendy was very young, but Wendy remembered the scent of the lavender fields as if it was yesterday. As the nanny placed it on the writing desk, Wendy turned to look at Miss Poppins in the eyes.

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A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


Ariel gasped softly once the other mermaid let go of the young girl. She quickly dove down and wrapped her arms around Wendy’s waist before kicking up toward the surface. The two resurfaced through the waters, and Ariel let go so that Wendy could cling onto the rock. 

"You’re welcome, but…oh gosh. Are you okay?!" The mermaid hovered over Wendy worried and bit her lip. "I’m so so—" 

"What do you want? You come lurking in my waters, blowing my horn?” 

Ariel gasped and turned around to look at the mermaid face to face. “She didn’t do anything wrong! Wendybird was only trying to help me find you all!” She narrowed her eyes. “I’m Ariel from Atlantica, here on behalf of my father. If there is anyone you should be angry at, it should be me, not her!” 

"Wendybird? Is that what you call her? Ha!" the blonde mermaid scoffed. 

"Oh you’re from Atlantica? Who is your father? King Neptune?" the mermaid joked. "I am angry at her for thinking that a human girl can just swim about in the Mermaid Lagoon and call the mermaids with the conch willy-nilly. Everyone in Neverland knows this is the waters of the mermaids." 

Wendy squeezed some water out of her hair. This would be hard to explain to her parents and the nanny. Hopefully it would settle soon. The native mermaid seemed quite maddened by Wendy’s search for them, but at least she had given her end of the deal to the Ariel. At this point, Wendy knew she could possibly see the nice mermaids in Atlantica that were nothing like this one. 

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It is Not a Myth || Milo & Wendy


Milo frowned, thinking about it. “I’m not sure. I should probably check when I get home, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had advanced technology like we have today- perhaps even steam engines!” he whispered excitedly. 

Milo sat down next to the girl, trying to organize all of his things. He had time between classes, and he could spend some time here talking to this girl. “They were the pinnacle of achievement. If they existed, that is… Which I believe they did of course. Just gotta prove it…”

"Steam engines! Why, those are so new. They must have been super intelligent to be able to figure that out. I can barely figure out something as simple as flying," Wendy agreed, thinking of the beauty and magic of Neverland. Wendy knew she could never prove to anyone that Neverland truly existed unless they visited there themselves. Part of believing in something is the faith that goes into it. 

"I can only wonder what it must have been like. I wish I could see it as well," Wendy gasped. "Who do you have to prove it to? You seem to have so much faith in Atlantis already, I am sure whoever they are will believe you. I know I would."

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


Mary Poppins smirked at the girl’s comment. “Wise words from the mouth of a wise young lady.” She gazed into her mirror for a moment and gave herself a small smile, which her reflection returned admiringly.

She turned to the girl then, still smiling, as she finally seemed to give in a little to the idea of a nanny. Or a human nanny, anyway. “Well, ‘perhaps’ is a start. I suppose it will have to do for the time being. Now tell me about yourself, dear. Do you receive good marks in school? Do you enjoy reading? Painting?”

"Indeed I am. In fact, I am the wisest girl in Neverland," Wendy smugly replied. Folding her arms she took in the number of questions the new nanny was asking. The ones that every adult asked her: how is school, what do you like to do, etc. The line up of questions never changed, only remained altered from person to person. 

I need to let go a little bit. I have to remove the nonsense of the situation; I will surely turn old enough to where I will not need a nanny soon. Miss Poppins seems rather charming, but there is some mystery that I must discover before I become too close. 

"School is boring. Everything is too easy and the teachers are boring. I like to read sometimes, but I like to tell stories. Painting is messy business and of course I must tidy up when I am finished so I never pursued that activity," Wendy started, full fledged into the conversation. "What do you like to do, Miss Poppins?" 

Whatever was mystery that was behind this nanny, Wendy was going full force to figure it out. 

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I’ll Make a Man Out of You || Mulan [Ping] & Wendy


"Thank you," Ping smiled, before sputtering, "I mean, she would thank you, most certainly."

"A wonderful story, indeed. I could only imagine how brave he would think you are, especially after you train to be a warrior, huh?" Ping had decided he would train her. She wouldn’t go in the actual war or anything incredibly dangerous like that, just learn some self defense. It was the least he could do while she was here. Little kids got bored quite fast.

"So, Wendy if you’d follow me this way.. there’s someone I’d like to introduce you too," Ping took her hand and led her to the general area of the camp. But, they were still hidden from eyesight, behind a few tall bushes.

Chien-Po was sitting by the fire, toasting some of the fish they caught for dinner. He was by himself, which made the perfect opportunity for Ping to introduce him to Wendy.

"You are going to train me?!" Wendy exclaimed. "They will never believe it when I tell them. They will think I am lying, but I will show them my new warrior moves and they will be so excited to learn." 

Wendy was lead then to a small camping area. There was a round man in a uniform matching Ping’s. He was toasting fish on the fire and the aroma made Wendy’s stomach rumble. The last time Wendy had eaten was long before her last adventure in Neverland. 

"Hello, I am Wendy," Wendy introduced with a friendly presence. Striding over to the nameless soldier, Wendy held out her hand for a shake.

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