Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie dust
“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

This is a RP Blog for Wendy Darling from Disney's Peter Pan.

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Returning to Neverland || Peter Pan & Wendy


Peter grinned widely up at the blue-eyed girl, his head nodding at an incredibly excited rate. “Y’sure.. I’m alright.” He called back convincingly, before hissing at a sharp branch that was digging into his calf. The girl’s pet and loyal house-keeper continued to bark fiercely from below; verging on waking up the whole neighborhood. 

"Shh– Nana!" Peter scolded in a whisper. "Hush." 
The Saint Bernard let out a few more warning yelps before huffing at the boy. Her way of showing that she disapproved of Peter’s arrival. 

He strained with a few more poking branches before freeing himself from the tree’s restraints. Peter leaped from the tree with a hearty laugh and glided forward to meet Wendy at her open window. “Perhaps.” He agreed, an open window always sounded better than a closed one.

How else would be of let her know he’d arrived?…
Maybe he could knock, but what if she’s sleeping an––

Wendy flounced up and down as she heard Peter’s voice. As she gazed down, she watched as the boy flew straight up to meet her at the window. Nana’s barks softened at the departure of the boy, and the night became cool and silent once more. 

The nightly breeze was coming in, and Wendy got a whiff of the Neverland air coming from Peter. Breathing in the scent, Wendy smelled all the images of Neverland: the saltiness of the sand, the earth of the trees the smoke of the fires. Smiling from the rush of images, Wendy leaned into Peter. Peter Pan looked just as she remembered with his green pants and tunic. His smile was the same, though Wendy could never imagine that changing.

"Are you sure you aren’t hurt? I shan’t have Peter Pan not being well," Wendy prodded. "If not, are you ready to go? I hope the Lost Boys did not miss their Mother too terribly much."

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I’ll Make a Man Out of You || Mulan [Ping] & Wendy


Of course it’s feminine, I meant that that was my mother’s name. I’m uh, Ping. Pleasure to meet you, Wendy. ” Ping covered nervously, unsure whether the clever girl would see right through his blatant lie. She wouldn’t tell, would she? Oh, but they just met.. there was no way Ping could reveal anything just yet.

"No, you don’t need to leave.. I would suppose you’d just need to act quietly and be aware of your surroundings, Wendy. You flew into a solider training camp. See, we’re training and preparing to fight this evil group that calls themselves The Huns. It’s pretty dangerous stuff. But, you’re in no harm, that I can promise." Ping paused silently, was there anywhere she could freshen up?

Perhaps she could go in the lake.. but Ping would have to warn someone else to be on look out in case Shang saw her. Who could he trust? Chien-Po. He’d be delighted to see a little girl, and wouldn’t tell a soul.

"Actually there is some place you could freshen up," Ping added.

"Ping, your mother has a beautiful name," Wendy smiled. 

A soldier training camp? Danger? That sounds exciting. 

The nervous look strung across the soldier’s face concerned Wendy, but then it gradually shifted to Wendy thinking of herself in the situation. An odd dressed girl flying into a training camp, what would Wendy do herself? Frowning as she inspected herself, Wendy clasped her hands together as she turned toward Ping once more. 

"That sounds so exciting. Fighting the Huns, protecting China, this is going to be a wonderful story to tell my brother!" Wendy beamed. "Freshening up sounds wonderful." 

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A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


"Nice to meet, you, Wendybird!" Ariel replied cheerfully while laying her arms on the rock in front of her. She nodded and looked up at the young girl in the eye. "Yes! You see, Daddy wants to establish connections with all of the other merpeople kingdoms. We only have close ties with the Olympians, and we want to continue helping Atlantica not be so isolated. Diplomacy things!" 

She paused to listen to Wendy and widened her eyes.  ”I..oh gosh…that’s terrible! Did they do anything to you?” She furrowed her brow, suddenly becoming serious. “Daddy doesn’t want to be involved with humans, really. He finds them to be heartless barbarians, and he disapproves of us going up to the surface.” 

Ariel then smiled sheepishly while running her hands through her hair. “But I…I find humans things fascinating, really. I collect different items! I really, really want to learn more about them; they can’t be as bad as Daddy says!” 

Wendy considered Ariel’s thoughts. Diplomacy, merpeople, Atlantica. These all seemed thoughts that Wendy first had about mermaids: idealized beautiful people with wonderful undersea adventures. 

"Diplomacy, you say?" Wendy started. "That sounds intriguing." 

Ariel’s presence was somewhat calming and exciting to Wendy, something new she had not ever experienced before. 

Perhaps merpeople can’t all be that bad. There has to be some good ones out there. 

"Well, they did try to drown me, but that is a story for another time," Wendy smiled. "I have made the decision to trust you, but in order for me to help you find the mermaids of the Mermaid Lagoon, you must do something for me in return."

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It is Not a Myth || Milo & Wendy


"There is an Atlantis!" He cried. "It’s widely reported in many different writings of some of the greatest minds of their time!" He grumbled, slightly afraid that he was giving himself away, but also indigiated at the idea that Atlantis wasn’t real. "And faith isn’t gonna find it. Science, logic and deduction finds places, not trust! I’m gonna find it- that is if my grandfather hasn’t already!" A burst of pride made the scrawny child’s chest puff out like a pidgeon. "We’re explorers. That is.. after I finish my degrees."

Wendy, a bit offended by his statements, thought for second. 

"You must have faith in those who write, and trust in those who take you there," Wendy retorted. Calming her tone, Wendy continued, "Exploring sounds like a dream, a wonderful sort of dream. You can travel and go new places, find things that people thought never existed. What do you think Atlantis is like? I can only imagine it is beautiful beyond belief." 

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Come Out || Esmerelda & Wendy


She was surprised to hear a young girl’s voice calling to her, hushed and curious.  What was a child doing out in the streets of Paris so late at night?  Her immediate thought was concern, and if the guards were to find her…

Esmerelda cautiously stepped out from between the walls, glancing carefully over both shoulders to be sure that the men were indeed out of sight.  Luckily this was the case.  The rough galloping was nothing more than a faint echo as the moon further illuminated the road.  The fog was beginning to roll in and Esmerelda once again grew concerned for the girl.

"Thank you," she began, grateful that someone had assured her of her safety.  "Are you alright?" She knelt down so that she was eye level with the girl and looked her over to see if she had any cuts or bruises or wounding of any sort.  "It’s very dangerous to be out here so late at night." her tone was more calmly informative than parental.  

"It may be dangerous, but I have grown use to that feeling," Wendy returned. The streets never frightened her much. Looking down on the eery streets of London does the trick to loose your fear, or even just being captured by pirates makes you loose fear. The moon let in just enough light to illuminate the voice’s source. The stranger was a woman. Her skin reminded Wendy of the tree trunks of Neverland, a rich brown. Coal black hair fell to her shoulders and her clothes were a mixed array of colors. 

"I am fine, thank you very much," Wendy answered. "Who are you?" Wendy smiled at the stranger. 

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The New Nanny || Mary & Wendy


Mary’s hair remained perfectly styled, even as a breeze brushed by. It was almost as if the wind was carefully avoiding it, so as not to trouble her. Once she’d gotten a bit more settled, setting up a nice mirror and fold-up writing desk, beside the window, she tied on her apron. Ignoring Wendy’s sarcasm, she answered, “Thank you, I’m certain I will.”

"How old are you?"

Such a complicated question. More complicated than she expected this child to be capable of understanding. Still, without missing a beat, she said, “I shall be twenty-eight in May.”

Feeling pleased now with her living space, she turned to attend to the girl, still standing in the doorway, barely containing her disapproval. Mary understood, to an extent. Older children were always just a little more complicated, particularly when they hadn’t had a nanny until then (or not a human nanny, in any case,) and she could see already that this one was perhaps a little more skeptical than others. Again, she found herself appreciating that quality in her. She approached her then, looking down at her, but in a respectful sort of way.

"I understand that you do not want me here, but you must realize that your parents would simply have hired another, had they not chosen me. I would like very much for you and I to get along, if not for our sake, then for the sake of your brothers. I’m certain they would appreciate not needing to choose sides."

"I do not think that my brothers think much of the prospects of a nanny. All they simply want is for things to return to normal, and remain as if they never changed. Boys are not very complicated creatures, just incredibly shallow," Wendy responded. 

Wendy considered Miss Poppins’ statement. Yes, the Darlings would have had another nanny otherwise, but why do they have to have one at all? Do they simply think that I am not capable of handling myself? Wendy scoffed at these thoughts. 

But, what if that means that there would be more of a motherly big sister presence in her life. Wendy could say she had always wanted a big sister. All the girls at school had big sisters to do their hair and teach them how to use make up. Wendy could only dream of having a big sister, seeing she was stuck with two younger brothers. 

If I am stuck with a nanny, why do I not try to enjoy it at the very least? Besides, Nana says it is okay and Michael and John need someone to look after them beyond the dog. 

"Perhaps I could live with you," Wendy gave in a little. 

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Something in the Shadows || Esmerelda & Wendy


Her heart was pounding in her ears as Esmerelda sprinted down the winding stone road.  Everything looked so different at night, so menacing and foreign.  Her breath caught in her throat — she could hear the cold clumping of horse hooves.  The guards were getting closer.

Esmerelda was lucky that she and the other gypsies were found so far from the Court of Miracles.  If the guards had found the gypsies’ safe-haven…she didn’t want to imagine what might happen.  She hadn’t even bothered to carry the coins she had earned with her as she ran.  When they have swords and spears, you know only one thing: run.

The moon that hung ominously behind the clouds illuminated her path just enough so that she could make out where she was.  The river was’t quite close enough for her to duck into, and she would be foolish to go to the coven with guards chasing after her.  The sinister voices and furious galloping grew louder.  She was running out of time.  Quickly, Esmerelda slid into a small crevice between two buildings, back pressed against the cool stone.  She held her breath and prayed they wouldn’t find her. 

Paris at night was not a scene Wendy would soon forget. The streets were quite, and the absence of people gave the city a more menacing glare. These shadows that lurked about in the night did not frighten Wendy, but more so invigorated her. 

I guess running out of pixie dust on the way home was not such a bad thing. 

Abruptly, Wendy heard the rush of feet and gallops of horses. Lights from torches flickered through the streets. Wendy gasped, and fought with every ounce of her being to silence herself. The light gave Wendy the sight to see men dressed in an uniform of the important sort chasing a figure. The figure was elegant, and every step they took was graceful. As the figure slipped into the darkness of the buildings, the torch holding men scrambled off in another direction. 

What was that?  

Wendy started in the direction of where the figure vanished. Her steps were light and she barely breathed, for even a breathe might stir the silence. Lurking to the exact spot she had lost sight, Wendy scanned the perimeter of the buildings. 

"Hello, is anyone here? The people chasing you are gone now, so if you want to come out," Wendy whispered, keeping her voice low. 

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Returning to Neverland || Peter Pan & Wendy


Peter had feared that he wouldn’t arrive in time. It had been a while since he had last visited Wendy, and the trip from Neverland had taken longer than he remembered. The sky’s light had already begun to fade in Bloomsbury, and the boy flew through the air with straining eyes– times like these Peter envied cats. Flying in the night isn’t as easy as it looked.

After a few moments of distress, and aimless searching for the correct house, Peter spotted a familiar figure through a window. It was Wendy’s mother turning out the light to the bedroom before walking out into the hallway. “There!” He muttered to himself with excitement, accelerating his speed and planning a direct path for the window. 

Within seconds he landed– and by landed he crashed. The next thing Peter knew, he was laying on his back tangled in the branches of a tree just outside of Wendy’s bedroom window. “Oooww..” He moaned, sitting up slowly and rubbing his head. 

"Peter, is that you out there?" he heard a soft voice call.

The boy jolted up, fighting through the leaves and pointy branches. “Wendy!?” He whispered loudly, a bright smile spreading across his lips.

Her head shot down to look in the direction of the voice. Wendy smile only grew bigger as she saw some broken branches and below that her Peter Pan. Nana barked from below, her eyes stricken with fear. Rushing back into her room, Wendy gazed at herself in the mirror briefly. Fluffing her hair on either side, Wendy then tightened her blue bow. Wendy rushed back to the window and looked in the direction Peter had fallen. 

"Are you okay, Peter?" Wendy bellowed. "Should I perhaps leave my window open next time?" 

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A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


Ariel was not prepared for the girl’s sudden appearance. She was sure that lagoon was pretty much empty for her with no one occupying the waters except for herself. 

I didn’t see anyone in the water, how did she—?! 

Next, the girl flew back, causing the mermaid to gape. 

She can fly…like that boy! 

It took Ariel a moment to clear her throat and find her voice before she could reply. “I’m Ariel…” she spoke slowly, her eyes wide. “I…I was here to meet the other mermaids around here, actually!” The redheaded mermaid paused to reach down into her orange satchel and took out a document, showing it to the girl. 

"You see, I have to deliver a message to them from Atlantica, but no one’s here…" Ariel shrugged, smiling sheepishly. 

"Do you know where I can find them?"

"You want to find the other mermaids?" Wendy questioned.

This mermaid seemed quite nice opposed to the other ones from here. 

Wendy levitated herself up, so she could look over the paper. She never let her body get to close to the mermaid remembering her previous experience.  Her ankles and face were well out of reach of the mermaid, and Wendy began to analyze the royal decree.  It looked pretty legitimate, but it only made Wendy wonder how the writing and paper did not get soaked and smudged in the water. 

Wendy maneuvered herself back to her previous position, conch lowered. 

"I see," Wendy continued. "I am Wendybird of Neverland. Perhaps, I can help you, but I want to know why should I help you? The mermaids here are nothing but rotten, why would I trouble myself with finding them or even helping one of their kind?"

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I’ll Make a Man Out of You || Mulan [Ping] & Wendy


Ping furred his eyebrows inquisitively at the mention of never land, pixies, and london. They all sounded like far off places, and a pixie? Hm, must be some sort of creature. He wished he had some sort of background knowledge on the topics, anything to make the girl feel more comfortable. She was definitely lost, Ping couldn’t remember the last time he saw a girl wearing a dress like that in public. “China,” Ping spoke softly as they walked into the woods farther. “I- those places sound wonderful, I think London is a bit far from here. Sorry, I wish I could tell you how far, but i’m not that smart,” ping laughed uneasily before continuing. “Oh! What would your name be? I’m Mulan.” Ping smiled. It took a moment before he choked on his words, “I mean.. Uh.”

"Mulan, why that is a beautiful name! It sounds a bit feminine don’t you think?" Wendy responded. "I am Wendy." Wendy smiled at the stranger trying to forget the pains she is feeling in her back. Scanning her surroundings a bit more, Wendy could not help but to feel she probably needed to get out of here. 

"China? That is far away from home. Do I need to leave? I feel I have interrupted something important. Is there some place I can go freshen up. I do not think Mother and Father want to see my new night gown in this condition," Wendy babbled on, forgetting she was speaking with a stranger. 

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It is Not a Myth || Milo & Wendy


Milo, a mere 17 years old, went sprawling as he tripped over a manuscript he’d dropped, sending everything else in his arms flying. A few other college students snickered as they walked past, but he just glowered. A smallish hand handed him a few papers, and he looked up at a young girl. He smiled and flushed gently.

"Thanks," he said, mumbling a bit. "Er, yeah…" Milo arranged the manuscripts into a semi-organized pile. "It’s.. it’s a project of mine." This was obviously a bit of a sore topic for him, as if this girl had just found his Star Trek memorabilia shrine. "A lot of people theorize the location of Atlantis for an intellectual excersize!" he said defensively.

But not all of them actually take it seriously, parrt of his brain said.

"Well for me, I always thought that sometimes people say some place does not exist, but it always happens to in the end," Wendy starts. "For example, they all said that the World ended after here in England, but then they discovered the Americas. You could always say that something does not exist until you find it."

Wendy blushed a bit. She always gets this way after awhile. Peter had always said that girls talk a lot, and for Wendy it was a little bit more than average. 

Wendy knew the specific example that she truly wanted to say: Neverland. Her parents claimed that Neverland had never existed, but Wendy knew. Oh, did Wendy know the beauties and adventures of Neverland. All it took was faith, trust and a little pixie dust to get her there. Who was to stop there, there is probably more to the world than just Neverland. Whose to say there was not an Atlantis? 

"Perhaps there is an Atlantis too. No one can that there is not until some explorer finds it. All it takes is faith and trust," Wendy continued. 

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A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


Ariel resurfaced again and looked around, trying to gage her surroundings. The waterfall echoed across the waters and signaled the mermaid that she was getting close. She bubbled with excitement and dove forward. 

This is it! Mermaid Lagoon! Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful!

She giggled and looked about. Quickly, her excitement faded, giving way to confusion. 

Where is everyone?” 

The mermaid wasn’t kidding; besides herself, there was no living soul in the area. She shook her head and swam forward to look. Besides a big conch shell sitting on a rock, there was nothing else. 

Maybe that shell has a clue as to where they are? 

Ariel shrugged and swam forward again, reaching for the shell. 

Wendy began to trudge through the water and towards the shell, but as she got closer, Wendy realized the water went too deep for her to feel the bottom. Wendy did not want one of those mermaids to grab her ankles and try to drown her again. Willing herself to fly, Wendy elevated herself over the water. 

The water reflected the sunshine causing the white light to bounce back up into Wendy’s face. Rubbing her eyes, Wendy lowered herself gracefully onto the rocks. This flying thing had gotten easier for her overtime, just like Peter said it would. 

Hopping across the rocks, Wendy was careful not to slip and let every foot have a firm place on it. Little urchins and barnacles were growing on the bottoms of the rocks where it touched the water. The waves were pretty much nonexistent at this point, so Wendy was sure footed.

As she made it to the last rock, Wendy was just in reach of the shell. Bending down to pick it up, she noticed another hand approaching it. Quickly, Wendy snatched the conch, and looked below at the perpetrator.  

It was a mermaid, one that she had never seen here before. Her hair was as red as tomatoes with blue eyes like aquamarines. She was quite beautiful, but Wendy knew better than to get too close to her. Leaping back to the previous rock, Wendy looked toward the one the conch had been sitting upon. Wendy pointed the shell in the general direction of the mermaid. 

"Who are you and what do you want?" Wendy demanded. 

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Working on my Roar || Zarina & Wendy

The crush of twigs beneath her feet was beginning to grow obnoxious as Wendy treaded through the forest. Peter had once again taken her to Neverland only to desert her when something exciting came up. By this time, she had begun to grow use to his rushed departures, but that did not make them any less rude for her. 

Thoughts still lingering of Peter’s absence, Wendy continued through the forest. Branches were everywhere blocking the path Wendy was taking. Vines hung from the trees making it almost impossible for Wendy to see where she was going. Soon, the the branches began to clear out and there became a clear view of a meadow up ahead. If only the branches were not so thick above, or maybe I could fly out of here and back to Peter’s hideout, Wendy angrily considered. 

The twigs were soon not there anymore, and there became a new sensation of soft leaves mixed with a soft grass. The trees cleared away and Wendy saw the expanse before her. There was a huge field with different arrays of flowers. The polychromatic scene was filled with the fragrance of pollen and in the distance you could hear a creek running. Birds tweeted all around, and Wendy took a deep breath in. 

"Ahh," Wendy breathed. "I never have seen something this serene." As she took it all in, Wendy heard the jingle of bells. "Tinker Bell, is that you?"

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