Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie dust
“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

This is a RP Blog for Wendy Darling from Disney's Peter Pan.

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Lane wore her new Wendy dress to visit Peter Pan at the Magic Kingdom today. :)  


Lane wore her new Wendy dress to visit Peter Pan at the Magic Kingdom today. :)  

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You’d Think A Girl Would Learn || Megara & Wendy


"Uh huh," Meg looked at her skeptically when they landed in a gloomy feeling area; or was that just her? She cleared her throat, thinking it’d clear her mind of that thought. She looked around and admired the beach nearby, preferring to be near there instead of this area.

"Why, will they send me to the Underworld?" she smirked to herself, watching the mermaids. She wasn’t phased for some reason; they reminded her of the many women she knew at home, but wasn’t sure why.


"Oh no, they would drown you first. That gives you a one way ticket there," Wendy confirmed, not joking. The mermaids sunbathed on the rock, and one was combing their hair through their fingers underneath the waterfall. They were all too absorbed in themselves to take notice to the people who had flown up. 

"Yes, they tried to drown me the first time I was here, and they nearly would have if Peter had not come to save me. They just got me soaking wet instead. I was not very happy with them," Wendy told. 

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If It Wasn’t For This Girl || Eilonwy & Wendy


Eilonwy breathed a sigh of relief. Wendy was, in fact, not advocating for missing schooling.

"Feet off the ground?" Her brow raised slightly but decided to just go along with it. She had heard weirder, anyway. "I suppose you haven’t much reason to lie. I think that would turn off others fairly quickly. Though that isn’t too hard to think of; people have desired to fly since they have first seen birds!" 

Although has Eilonwy thought, perhaps thinking of flying wasn’t as so typical for Wendy’s people. They might not have magic as she did.

"I was always taught lying was bad," Wendy confirmed, thinking of the many lessons that Mary Poppins had given her on being a proper lady. "I would not lie to you, but I would appreciate a little faith in me. I will show you one day that I am in fact not lying. Flying is.. it’s… it is just amazing.”

Wendy clasped her hands together as she thought of taking flight through the stars with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. As the images faded out of her mind, she could not help, but to register the doubt Eilonwy had in Wendy. 

Nevermind her, I am sure you will find someone to believe. Wendy sighed, and she liked Eilonwy plenty just those tiny things nawed on Wendy’s beliefs. 

"So, what do you do in your free time?" Wendy countered, trying to change the subject.  

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro was far ahead of her instructions, looking down at the clouds, then down at the island. He nodded eagerly, “Way ahead of you, Wendy!”

He swooped down towards the island. Of course, he didn’t care how he was going sonic speed, neither was he aware of such. He just wanted to see what this island had to offer. 

And then, Hiro crash-landed into a bush on the island. His face had completely dug into the leaves. The boy just laughed and pushed himself out of the willow, landing on his bottom.

"Well.. a beginner’s a beginner, right?" The boy stated as he rubbed his face, plucking leaves off of himself.

"Oh, you ridiculous boys, never listening." Wendy shook her head in disappointment of Hiro not listening to her instructions, but her serious look turned into a giggle. Striding over to Hiro, Wendy began to pluck the leaves from his head and brush away the twigs and dirt he had gotten all over him. 

"Maybe you should listen to me next time," Wendy commented, working to remove a twig from his hair. "Are you okay?" Wendy looked straight at him with a concerned look on her face. Hiro seemed fine, but then again she remembered her crash landings in China and Arendelle. They always were pretty painful. 

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


Tinkerbell forgot that Wendy needed the dust to fly.  She rolled her eyes but nodded and flew around Wendy making sure the pixie dust landed on her and her nightdress.  

She looked at Wendy and plastered a smile on her face and pointed at it reminding Wendy to think happy thoughts.  Then she beckoned for Wendy to follow her and they flew towards the second star.

"Hold on Peter, we’re coming," Tink said.  

Immediately, Wendy thoughts turned happy, though at first they were gloomy due to Peter Pan’s current situation. Wendy zoomed off towards Tinker Bell at full speed almost whishing by her as she propelled herself through the London air. 

Big Ben glowed below with them with the current time, but Wendy did not bother to look. The only thing that seemed to matter now was that she and Tink needed to find Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and free them. 

Lights flashed through her eyes as she passed through the second star and Neverland came into view. 

"Where are they, Tink?"

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro nodded, slowly letting his arms relax. He shut his eyes, frightened on whether or not this would work. But, when he opened his eyes, he was still flying. “Hey! It worked!” 

The boy flew past Wendy, spinning around and twirling. He couldn’t help but act obnoxious due to knowing he was doing this right.

"Be sure to remain steady and look at where you are going. I have crash landed more than a few times," Wendy instructed from the cloud. Hiro seemed to be getting the hang of it was a twirled around the cloud. 

Wendy jumped of the cloud and started to head for the island. “Hiro, let’s go to the island! I have some places you can go see,” Wendy yelled over her shoulder and the acrobatic, aerodynamic Hiro. 

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We Will Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


"Wendy! You have to help!  Peter’s been captured by Hook!" Tink exclaimed.  Then she held a hand over her mouth and remembered that Wendy couldn’t understand her.  To Wendy, she was just jingling like bells.

Tink held up a finger and flew off of Wendy’s hand and searched for something she could use to communicate with.  She tore through the drawers and finally found a small crayon.  She used it to write on a slip of paper.

Tink quickly wrote in very sloppy handwriting due to how big the crayon was: Peter in danger must help. 

As Tinker Bell wrote down her message, Wendy became fearful for Peter Pan. Now Wendy knew why Tinker Bell had come: she was her last resort. Peter Pan meant the most to Tinker Bell, and Wendy had learned to accept that. 

"Okay, let’s go," Wendy answered with a confident and brave tone. She began to walk away and towards the window. Once she got there, she stood over the edge of it and glared down. Before jumping, Wendy remembered a very important ingredient in flying. “Tinker Bell, I would love to come, but do you have any spare pixie dust?” Wendy tried to remain as kind as possible. She so dearly wanted to return to Neverland with Tinker Bell, and Wendy did not want to ruin their chances of being friends by something she said. 

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro flailed as Wendy zoomed past him. He laughed playfully, “On it!”

Of course, he had some issues flying, but this is his first time ever experiencing such a thing. He flapped his arms as he flew towards the star of mention. 

It’s so bright, but it emits an amazing feeling..

Hiro looked down below him, “Everything’s so small!” He stated as he giggled. 

Wendy giggled at the sight of Hiro flailing his arms about. Wendy might have done that the first time she flew, but over time she had learned that looking that ridiculous was not that necessary. 

"Hiro, you don’t have to fly like that. Just think in the direction you want to go and you will go that way. If you want to go left or right, just use your arms and lean that direction," Wendy taught. Wendy landed on a nearby cloud to wait for the company of Hiro. It was time for some much needed flying lessons. 

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You’d Think A Girl Would Learn || Megara & Wendy


"Right, no fear," Meg groaned trying not to feel nauseous, and was surprised by when the young girl grabbed her hand. She tried her best to focus on happy thoughts, which worked for the most part.

She looked over at Wendy and frowned. “Is something wrong?” she raised an eyebrow.

"Oh no! Nothing is wrong," Wendy replied with in her voice. The two landed on the beach of the mermaid lagoon. It was a place that grown rather familiar for Wendy seeing that she had actually met two kind mermaids her, Arista and Ariel, and all of the mean native mermaids seemed to leave in fear of Wendy now. 

"This is the Mermaid Lagoon," Wendy introduced like a real estate agent showing a house. The lagoon had some mermaids out frolicking in the water, but none of them seemed to notice the arrival of Wendy and Megara. "I would not mess with them, they are terribly mean."image

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Girls Talk Too Much || Elsa & Wendy


"Elsa.  Just…just Elsa."  The queen murmured her name soft across thin lips, catching - or perhaps imagining - fear in the girl’s voice.  That was exactly what she didn’t want to cause, not up here in the mountains where almost no one was around.

Her eyes widened as the girl fell backwards, and she reached out a hand to steady her - not to keep her in the snow, not to keep her from flying, she was flying - but to…to help.  At Wendy’s admission, she gave a firm little nod and walked around behind her.  ”Where does it hurt?”

"Okay, Elsa," Wendy proceeded cautiously. Giving a wary look at Elsa, Wendy continued to speak, "It hurts on my back, and whenever I get up my feet just fall out from underneath me." 

The calm way Elsa spoke comforted Wendy into thinking that she would not get her head chopped of. Wendy’s muscles relaxed a little bit by letting go of this fear, but there was still a clear feeling of pain all over. 

Maybe she will be able to help me. I hope my parents don’t notice I am gone. They would never believe me if I told them the Queen herself had helped me when I had crash landed flying. I would get in trouble for flying if they did believe me. 

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We Have To Work Together || Tinker Bell & Wendy


Tinkerbell flew as fast as she could and checked all of the houses that looked like Wendy’s.  She peeked inside of each one…but no Wendy.  Tinkerbell was about to give up hope when she saw an open window and a girl sitting at it looking up at the night sky.

"Wendy!" exclaimed Tink.  She quickly flew down and realized too late that she was flying too fast.  She flew right over Wendy’s head and crashed into the girl’s wall with a yelp and fell onto the top of Wendy’s dresser.  She had also managed to knock over a few toys in the process.

It was a wonder how the boys were still asleep after all the noise she made.

"Tinker Bell!" Wendy gasped loudly, then immediately shoving her hands over her mouth in the fear that John and Michael might awake. Hopping up from her perch at the window, Wendy rushes to Tinker Bell’s aid by the dresser. Gently, Wendy lifted Tinker Bell to the palm of her hand. 

"Tinker Bell, are you okay? What is going on?" Wendy asked, concerned. Tinker Bell never came to Wendy for anything. It frightened Wendy to see that Tinker Bell had come, that meant things were terribly wrong. "Why are you here? Is something wrong with Peter? Is he OK?"

As she spoke, Wendy assessed the the boys making sure that they were sound asleep. They usually would wake up to such a noise, but they were snoring obnoxiously. No wonder they did not wake up; they could not hear it over their snoring.

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro shut his eyes and thought of everything that could ever make him happy. Slowly he began to elevate off of the floor. 

Am I.. flying?

The boy spread his arms out and spun around. His face beamed and he laughed continuously as he flew around the room. Hiro looked at Wendy, his face flushed, “This is amazing!” he exclaimed as he flew up higher.

"Come on Wendy! Off to Neverland!" 

"The first time is always the best. I remember when Peter took me out for my first flight. It was one of the best feelings in the world," Wendy commented, hands clasped together as she reminisced. 

Hearing Hiro’s calling, Wendy thought of her mermaid lagoons and levitated off the ground. Using her experience of flying, Wendy zoomed past Hiro like a large gust of wind. 

"Come on Hiro!" Wendy playfully called. "Second star to the right and straight on till morning!" 

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We Have To Work Together // Tinkerbell & Wendy


Captain Hook grinned mischievously and twirled his mustache with his hook.  Tinkerbell could not believe what had happened.  Hook had done it.  He captured poor Peter and the Lost Boys.  And Tink couldn’t do anything to help him.  She was alone.  

Tinkerbell tried to think but since she was so tiny and could only have one feeling at a time, which right now was panic, she couldn’t think straight.  Tink flapped her wings as fast as she could back to the secret hideout on Neverland.  

Peter and the Lost Boys had all helped to renew the place every since Captain Hook blew it up and almost killed both Tinkerbell and Peter.  Tink flew down the hole under the tree and tried to calm herself down.  

"What will I do?  I can’t help Peter on my own.  I’m too small.  The Indians won’t help, they only care for the safety of their own people.  Jingles!  What will I do?" Tink paced back a forth then something caught her eye.  She looked over and saw something sticking out from under Peter’s bed.

Tink flew over to it and used both of her hands to pull it out.  It was a feather.  But, she recognized this specific feather.  It had once been worn on the head of a certain girl that Tink still didn’t like, but this girl…Wendy, she was Tink’s only hope. 

Tink rushed into her small room and opened up the small bag of extra pixie dust that she kept.  She spread the dust over her wings and fluttered them a little.  Then she rushed out of the hideout and looked up at the Second Star.  Wendy was just past the star on the Mainland.  Tink just hoped she would be able to remember where the girl lived.

"Well, there’s no other choice," Tink said.  Then off she flew to the Second Star to the right.

The day had gone on for what seemed like forever. School was a bore, friends had the same conversations as they always did and her brothers were just as rowdy for a game of ‘Natives and Pirates’ as they always were. Though Wendy normally did enjoy these things, lately they had gotten menial. After being whisked away to Neverland with Peter Pan, nothing seemed to be the same. Everything seemed less fun, and nothing quite compared to the adventures Wendy had had in Neverland. 

It had been weeks since Peter had made a visit to the Darling house and that always put a strain on how much Wendy could take from her family. She loved them dearly, and they were the only reason that Wendy would not stay in Neverland forever, but the constant prodding of her father did not make her want to stay, nor did the whining of her brothers when they did not get what they want. 

The Darling boys had gone to sleep, but Wendy could not find a happy thought to soak into her system for a goodnight’s rest. Becoming restless in her wake, Wendy flipped the covers off from over her and strode over to the window in her nightgown. 

Sitting out on the Darling window seat, Wendy waited for something, anything to happen. The window was open to let the night breeze into the nursery. Wendy gazed into the night sky until her eyes fell on the second star to the right. 

"Humph," Wendy sighed. 

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Woodland Wonderland || Wendy & Alice


Alice looked at where Wendy was pointing, nevermind the rabbit anyway, it looked like he lead them to where they needed to be anyway. “Good job, Wendy! I should take you hunting for Wonderland more often,” she laughed as she got on her hands and knees to better inspect the entryway. 

The inside looked rather dirty, and old leaves were scattered within. Both of these things did not bother Alice, though, as her dresses usually were quick to scuff up and a little dirt didn’t hurt anybody. “Would you like to do the honors?” she asked looking back up at Wendy. “This would be your first time.”

Hopefully this does not get my uniform too dirty.

Wendy lowered herself to the ground and positioned her legs on the inside of the hole. Pushing herself in with her arms, Wendy propelled through the hole in the the darkness. Though Wendy could tell she was falling, all she could feel was the air puffing her skirt letting her drift downwards. The feeling of floating was nothing Wendy had experienced before. Her muscles were all tense, and she was scared. In flying nothing like this ever happened. Thankfully, Wendy knew she was not alone in this venture.

"Alice! Are you coming, Alice?" Wendy yelled above her. 

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"Wendy Darling?" Hiro put down the book he was reading, 'Peter Pan'. "Peter Pan? The Lost Boys? Huh.. sounds almost impossible." He got up and hopped down the stairs, waved to his Aunt Cass and walked out the door, shutting it behind him. Hiro crossed his arms and thought deeply about the book he studied. "Man, how cool would that be to fly away with Peter and his three pals.." He began to mutter to himself, not paying attention to the view in front of him.



"Peter? You know a Peter too?" Wendy began as she noticed the boy talking to himself. "The Peter I know has way more than three pals, he has the Lost Boys with him!" Wendy joyously remarked. Though Wendy knew she had been quite rude by interrupting the boy when he is in deep thought, Wendy could not resist a conversation about her beloved Peter Pan. 

"By the way, my name is Wendy. I am so sorry if I intruded," Wendy added, hoping to be less of a nuisance and more of a friend. 

"Faith, trust, and pixie dust, isn’t it? Just think—‘You can fly!’" Hiro spoke quickly due to his excitement. He was very eager to fly off to what he dreamed of for years.  

"Good," Wendy confirmed. Slipping the cork off the top of the bottle, Wendy pinched a little bit. Elevating herself to her tiptoes, Wendy sprinkled the dust on Hiro’s head. 

"Remember to think your happiest thought," Wendy mentioned as she sprinkled the dust on herself. Elevating instantly, Wendy pushed the cork back on the bottle and stuffed it back in her pocket. 

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