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“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will love you. That's where I'll be waiting.”

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Hello, Wendy! How're things with you? We hope they're well- ..Wait, who bit your right hand? That looks a little inflamed.

Wendy looked at her hand as the person notified her of the condition. “Oh my! Oh my! I had no idea. I mean I had noticed myself perhaps getting a bit bluer on my skin because my dresses looked fabulous on me, but, but, but not this!” Wendy exclaimed, fussing over hand. 

Some little voice in the back of her head edged her toward one thought only: BRAINS. Soon, the only thought in her head was BRAINS

"What is happening to me?!" Wendy asked, beginning to grow scared of herself. 


I’m a Damsel, I’m in Distress, I Can Handle This || Megara & Wendy


Meg rolled her eyes at the girl. “I’m always around here,” she answered rather icily. “Can I ask why you decided to push random people into the water today?”

The dame couldn’t help her snarkiness. The girl asked for it, in her opinion, but she couldn’t hold a grudge for such a miniscule issue.

"Well, I…" Wendy paused to make her exact response seem the perfect mix of rude and polite. "I decided that me getting wet was not enough fun and I just wanted others to get wet as well. That makes for a more exciting day, pushing random people in the water that it. I can see that others do not get quite as much out of it as I do, so I continue to do it because it is fun!" Her response was filled with sarcasm, more than Wendy usually used, but this woman brought out the worst of Wendy’s responses. 

Looking toward the woman for a response, Wendy’s gaze held a certain feisty tenacity with it. 

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Working on my Roar || Zarina & Wendy


"Ah I see." Zarina noted with a small laugh. "Hm? Oh! I simply used the silver dust  created." She said as she paused in flight and face the girl. She reached into her bag and took out a small handful of the named dust and held it out for Wendy to see.

The silver dust glittered in the sunlight just like any regular Pixie Dust would only obviously it was a completely different color. “It has the ability to allow humans to understand faeries, I’m sure it’s able to translate other things too but I’ve yet to really figure that out after all I’ve only ever needed it for the one means.” The alchemist noted with a shrug as she carefully tucked the dust away once again.

"Silver dust? I had no idea there were different colors. It never really occurred to me that there could be. That is fascinating," Wendy remarked, her mystification fading into wonderment. "How would you even make such a thing? Tinker Bell never told me about anything like that." 

The fairy seemed like she was still searching for the answer too. Though the answer might not be there, Wendy was still extremely curious about this fairy’s dust. The only dust Wendy had ever seen was the Pixie dust that makes you fly. 

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A song was heard from below as Wendy flew over the forest heading straight for London. The song was one Wendy knew, or perhaps thought she knew. Cautiously, Wendy dove down into the forest only to get her and her dress caught in the branches of a tree. "Hello? Is someone out here? I could use a little help, this tree just came out of nowhere."


Wide eyes blinked rapidly in faint surprise upon the sound of rustling branches and a small voice calling out. “Now, what do you suppose?” Her book thumped shut and she cautiously navigated her way to a glint of blue fabric and prim ringlets. The girl did seem rather out of place in such a thicket, and quite small to be out and about by herself. All the more reason to be as helpful as can be done. Aurora gave a gentle wave for the girl’s attention and approached calmly, kneeling to meet her height and speaking with a melodic warmth. “You poor dear. You’ve got a run on your nice little dress. Are you hurt?” With that she begins to tug fabric and neaten curls here and there until the tiny visitor is freed and more or less reassembled.

"If you like, I’ve got some mending supplies in my basket, just over there in the palace garden." Her nose crinkled faintly with a playful grin. "And an extra bit of cheese and almonds if you’re so inclined. We can hardly make a journey with a rumbling tummy, now can we?" She placed a light hand between Wendy’s shoulders to guide her to the gardens and her mending basket, producing a small wooden box from it and readying a slender, glinting needle and strand of blue thread as she spoke. After several seconds, however, her hands lowered and she seemed to be completely stymied with a swift realization as her eyes widened again, sharply angled eyebrows arching farther. "OH! May I ask your name, Dear? I just realized I’d forgotten entirely to introduce myself, and here I am, spiriting you away at first glance." She set her supplies onto the stone wall of the fountain, then rose to her feet and made a deep, regal curtsy for her diminutive guest. "My name is Br-…" She halts herself and breaks into a chuckle. "Forgive me! Old habits. My name is Aurora, Dear."

Wendy struggled with the brambles as she tried to free herself from the thicket. Turning her head up, she saw a beautiful woman coming towards her. “Please, help me!” Wendy called towards her. As the woman came and knelt down to her, Wendy felt the warmth of her. 

"I am just fine, it is just I am caught in these brambles and it is clinging to my dress," Wendy explained, pointing at the ends of her dress being caught in the thorns. White lines from the scrapes of the twigs as she had fallen had taken residence on her legs. Looking up, she saw a hole from where she had fallen in the trees.  The woman helped get her out and Wendy let out a sigh of relief. 

Wendy nodded as the woman went to get her mending supplies. “I am not too hungry. A full stomach does not help when flying.” As the woman guided Wendy to the box, she let out a look of relief. Her mother would be terribly upset if Wendy came back home with a rip in her nightgown and no way to explain it that seemed logical to her. 

"I am Wendy, Wendy Darling," Wendy greeted with a twinkle in her eyes. Wendy gave a graceful curtsy back, one that she had practiced many times playing pretend with her brothers. 

"Thank you so much for helping me, and then mending my dress! Mother would be terribly angry if I came home with a run down it. I would have had to stay up all the rest of the night when I got home trying to mend it. I am satisfactory at mending with a simple needle and thread, but I need some work on fabrics like this." Wendy rustled her dress as she exemplified the materiel she meant. "Who knew I would find a kind person like you, Aurora, to come help me?" Wendy gave her a genuine smile. 


I’ll Think of A Mermaid Lagoon || Arista & Wendy


Arista’s peachy lips curved into a smile at Wendy as she brightened up. The two hadn’t gotten off on an exactly merry foot, so to see things shaping up was a nice feeling. Arista considered herself a big of a “curious mermaid” and liked to know as much of people, and new places as she could. “I am! I’m guessing she wasn’t pestering when you met her? You seem to like her a lot!” Arista giggled, brushing her long ponytail with her hands. “Just kidding, and – oh! No problem. I get those coughs a lot too.”

Unsavory mermaids? Arista’s tail fin shriveled at the thought. Mermaids in Atlantica were all things happy—singing, dancing, and merriment to go around. These mermaids seemed to be giving all mermaids a bad rep. “Thankfully you met Ariel then! I can’t believe there are rude mermaids! Everyone in Atlantica is nice! Well, Sebastian can be a bit unruly at times… and Daddy… well, he gets stressed – only because he is the king! But, you get my point.”

Arista dove underwater, and leapt back up through the water, enjoying every minute of it. “The water is so gorgeous!” She focused on Wendy, “So! How is life being human, and what do you like to do for fun? What do humans eat? I- I’m getting ahead of myself..”

"Ariel is a good friend to have around," Wendy agreed, as she admired the sisterly love Arista and Ariel surely had. Wendy grinned sheepishly at her coughing excuse, happy that it worked. Arista seemed more cheerful and talkative then Ariel, but she was kind like her.  

"Oh, I know, everyone there is so nice!" Wendy agreed, before retracing her steps. "I am sure they would be nice, I mean. If I went there because I have not been there. Ever." Wendy emphasized ever just to stress that she had never been to Atlantica, or at least to Arista’s knowledge. 

"Kingly duties can get to you. From what Ariel has told me, my Father is much the same. Stressed a lot," Wendy remarked, remembering Ariel’s comments about her Father.  

Watching the mermaid submerge herself in water reminded Wendy of her journey under the sea. How delightful it was!  The fish were nice, the mermaids were kind, everything is great under the sea! 

"No, no, no. I much like talking, in fact my friend Peter much accuses me of talking to much. Contrary to his belief, I think I talk just the normal amount. If there is a thing to be said, then I must say it!" Wendy declared, reminiscing her first meeting with Peter Pan. "How life being human? Much the same everyday, lots of routine. I like to tell stories and come here to Neverland! My brothers like to hear the stories of Peter Pan. Humans eat lots of things like fruits, vegetables, tea…" Tea was of course in its own category for the British. "meat…" She not dare mention fish. "

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Strolling over the the pretty strawberry blonde woman in the park, Wendy looked up at her and said, "Hello! I am Wendy, Wendy Darling. I noticed the animals following you and grew a bit curious. How do you do it? Do you keep treats in your dress?" Perhaps a bit too curious, Wendy was.



Giselle looked over to see a young girl had approached her. She smiled kindly at her. “It’s very nice to meet you Wendy, my name is Giselle!” she replied pleasantly. She took a moment to consider her questions.

"Well, back home my only friends were animals, so I think they just know that I can be trusted. I bring them treats sometimes, but for the most part they come to me," she said with a small shrug.

"It can be quite nice, yes," Giselle replied cheerfully. "I come from somewhere… far away from here. You may not believe me if I told you. Many people here haven’t." That was just an inkling of the truth. Some had flat out laughed, and others had accused her of lying. Eventually Robert had told her it would be better to pretend she came from some other country on Earth, rather than Andalasia. It saddened her somewhat, to act as if her home was not real, but it was better than being embarrassed and laughed at, she supposed. 

"Oh, where from?" Wendy asked, curious about the unknown. Few things Wendy refused to believe in, and Wendy was confident she could believe whatever the beautiful woman told her. "You shan’t be scared to tell me. I have been places not even you could believe." Turning her thoughts towards Neverland, Wendy considered if the young woman in front of her could believe that story. Some did and some didn’t, most adults didn’t. 


A New World To Explore || Wendy and Ariel


"Well, if you want to wait…" Ariel bit her lip and placed her hand on Wendy’s shoulder. She paused for a moment to let the request sink in, then nodded. 

"Sure! You can come in if you want to, okay?" She gave Wendy a warm smile. "I’ll be right back!"

The mermaid pulled away and swam through the entrance to the throne room. Several guards and different officials gave her a nod while others exclaimed different greetings. 

"Welcome, Princess!" 

"Glad to see you are back, Princess Ariel." 

"Hello again!" 

Ariel waved to all of them. “Hi, everyone! I need to talk to Daddy. See you all later, okay?”

They all nodded and got back to their business. 


Ariel turned to see Flounder swimming over to her, beaming. “Flounder!” She giggled and hugged him close. “Good to see you!” she giggled. 

"Ariel! How was your trip? Were they…m-mean like King Triton said?" 

The redhead smiled softly and pat Flounder on the head. “Some of them were mean, but…” she shrugged. “I didn’t meet them for too long.” She affectionately tickled his stomach gently before she continued. “There is someone I’d like you to meet after I speak to Daddy, so wait over there for me.” 

Flounder nodded. “All right! See you soon!” 

Ariel nodded and swam into the throne room. King Triton raised a brow at the sound of the doors opening, but his face brightened when he saw it was his youngest daughter. “Ah, Ariel! How did it go?” 

"Hi Daddy!" Ariel swam over and gave him a hug. "It was kind of difficult at first, but I got them to sign the contract, see?" The mermaid dug into her bag before giving him the scroll. "They…were difficult to convince…" She smiled sheepishly.

"…Hm." Triton furrowed his brow as he studied her. "I see."

Ariel shook her head and smiled nervously. “But Daddy, there was a nice mermaid there, and I am giving her a tour around Atlantica now! Is that all right?” 

Triton’s expression softened slightly, and he smiled. “Of course, Ariel! But,” His smile faded and he turned serious again. “Do not get into any trouble, Ariel! None of your…adventures or exploring! Is that clear?” 

Ariel nodded. “I understand, Daddy.” She sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “See you at dinner.” 

Triton chuckled. “All right, take care.” 

Ariel waved and twirled before swimming down the hall and through the entrance. “Yes! Okay!” She turned and gestured to Flounder. “C’mon, Flounder, it’s time for you to meet my friend!” 

Flounder nodded and swam close. 

"Wendybird?" Ariel called as she exited the castle.

Wendy watched as Ariel’s red hair vanished into the castle, and the English girl waited for the return of the Atlantican Princess. Wendy looked down and inspected her fin, she had not had a good look back at the lagoon because she was way too excited to go down into the sea, but now in the light of the ocean Wendy could see the dark blue shimmery scales that adorned where her legs used to be. Her dress top had been exchanged for two light blue shells and her bow remained in her hair. 

Smiling at the new things, Wendy heard Ariel’s call to beckon her out of her inspection of herself. 


Wendy perked her head up and saw Ariel swimming towards her out of the castle with a fish by her side. Her grin grew bigger as Wendy guessed it was the Flounder she was talking about earlier. As Ariel came in earshot of Wendy’s voice, she decided to speak. 

"Is this the Flounder you told me about?" Wendy asked excitedly, eyes leaning towards the fish. 

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I’ll Make a Man Out of You || Mulan [Ping] & Wendy


Ping smiled at Wendy, enjoying her enthusiasm as she spoke, and the sparkle in her eyes that could only come from a child. She was more mature than most children, and Ping could tell she was a good sister; if she had any siblings that was. “Jumping off a plank?! I would guess that you must be as brave as Peter! If not braver! If I had to jump off a plank, well.. I don’t know what I’d do!” Ping exclaimed.

Neverland. The place Wendy spoke about often. Ping made a mental note to ask her about the place later. He couldn’t imagine where it was, but the name “never- land” sounded a bit threatening. “WendyBird is a perfect name! How about it Chien-Po?” Ping asked, smiling both at Chien-Po, and Wendy. Chien-Po nodded, and decided this was the best time to find some of Yao’s spare clothing.

“WendyBird, stay here with Chien-Po while I get you some proper clothing. Alright?” Ping asked. He turned on his heel, nervous that one of the other soldiers would catch him sneaking into Yao’s tent, and exiting from it with clothing. Stealing was one of the most frowned upon crimes at camp, so Ping needed to be discreet. He waited a few moments before quickly entering, and closing the tent flaps so no one saw his entry.

Yao’s tent was scattered, and full of clothing lying in heaps, and various weaponry that he used on the shelves inside. Ping had to admit it did reek of sushi – and covered his nose while looking through. In the corner of the tent, there lay a piece of armor, and the pants and shirt they wore with it. Across the tent floor there were several others, so Yao could go without this one pair.

Ping stuffed it under his shirt, and exited the tent as unsuspiciously as he could. He rejoined Wendy and Chien-Po by the fire, and spoke quietly.

“Alright Wendy, shall we get you to the lagoon?”

"I am sure you could manage. You are a strong man and I am just a girl. You could beat those pirates easily, I am sure of it!" Wendy reassured, examining Ping. Thin, he was, but Wendy could see the strength that lied within him. 

"Okay, I will wait here…" Wendy trailed off as she waited for Ping to return. Looking over to Chien-Po, she gave a nervous smile as she waited for their mutual friend to return. There was nothing to talk about, but Wendy was wanting to fill the air with words— as she usually did. 

"So, Chien-Po, where are you from?" Wendy asked, trying to get conversation started. "I am from London. It is quite nice there, but I think it is a bit too rainy. Here it seems humid. I learned about weather in school and humidity seems like it is bad. Oh well, rain or humidity. Either is bad because it does not make for a fun day…" Wendy’s words trailed off into a conversation she had with herself, not allowing once for Chien-Po to talk. Wendy looked over to Ping as she heard words nearby. 

"Sure. I cannot wait to get these rags off of me," Wendy answered, heading towards Ping to follow him to the lagoon he spoke of. 

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Girls Talk Too Much || Elsa & Wendy


Elsa pressed her lips together, humming a little bit, then nodded as though to give herself more certainty.  ”If this makes anything worse,” she said, voice hesitant, “let me know and I’ll stop immediately.”

Then, without thinking on it any further - too much thought led to inaction, as she’d learned from the poor prince in Denmark - she raised her hands over the girl’s back, letting a fine frost cover it, colder than even she knew.

As the Queen laid her hands on Wendy’s back, she couldn’t help, but to think how odd it was to place hands on the back if you are trying to cool it. 

Wouldn’t that just make it warmer therefore more pain? 

Wendy waited for Elsa’s next course of action, and gradually Wendy was able to feel something cool on her back. Nothing had changed, and Wendy had not felt Elsa’s hands move, but she felt the cooling power of winter beginning to sooth her pains. 

"That feel’s good…" Wendy sighed, taking in the therapy. "How are you doing that?"

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I’m a Damsel, I’m in Distress, I Can Handle This || Megara & Wendy


Meg coughed and spat out water, and felt her hair dampen. She heard the young girl blabber an apology, which irked her even more.

“Ya did enough, kiddo,” she said as she flipped her ponytail right into Wendy’s face before bringing it back to her and fixing it.

Wendy spit as the air filled her mouth. A sharp sting fell across her face as the hair left its mark. Heat rose to the place where she was hit, and Wendy looked disdainfully down at the woman. 

Well, I have never met someone so rude. Huh! I wonder what her problem is. 

Wendy’s looks grew hard, but then she considered that she did, in fact, push her in the water. Even though it was just by accident, Wendy still had some blame for the matter. Wiping her face from the moisture that had formed, there Wendy looked down again at the stranger. 

"I am so sorry again," Wendy repeated, her voice more firm and filled with sarcasm. "I hope you can continue about your day in peace, but, perhaps, may I ask why you were so close to the water in the first place?" 

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They love each other 


They love each other 

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Think of the Happiest Thought || Hiro & Wendy


Hiro clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes in determination. “M-Maybe…” The boy paused. “Maybe.. you’re right, yeah.” Hiro turned around in that instant and grabbed onto Wendy’s wrist, leading her and himself out of the ship. He was hoping, by the gods, that the pirates wouldn’t show up as they were about to exit the ship.

Luckily enough, they didn’t. Yet, Hiro swore he could see them in the distance as he stepped onto the sand. “Wendy, they’re coming!” In fear, he hopped up into the air and flailed. Within a few seconds he gained his balance and flew off with Wendy, completely forgetting he was still holding onto her wrist.

"Hehehe.." The adolescent’s snicker turned into laughter as he twisted around in the air with the english brunette. "That was fun!"

Wendy giggled along with the boy. It was not everyday that Wendy just barely avoided a pirate’s grasp. 

"Thank goodness that did not end badly!" Wendy gasped, still laughing off the danger that the pair was in. Looking down to her wrist, she saw Hiro’s grasp still remained firm. Blushing by the boy’s touch, Wendy turned her head away. Regaining her composure, Wendy looked over to Hiro. 

"Where shall we go next? The Mermaid Lagoon would be fun! Or pixie hollow. The Native Village is okay, but the natives can be quite bossy," Wendy offered up the options. 

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Cobbletones and Surfers || Wendy and Jim


"Um, it’s a way of getting around through the air," he replied, "I just stand on it and handle the sails."

His people-skills still needed work, but at least he knew that she had given him a sincere look, telling him that the girl had accepted the apology. At least she didn’t make a fuss over something as trivial as a dress. If he had done the same to a student at the Academy..sheesh

"Through the air? With sails? Like a sail boat that floats through the air?" Wendy questioned, considering what the boy was telling her. "I have never even considered the idea something like that might exist. Then again, I never consider the idea that most things could exist. Like television! I never knew something like that could exist, and then poof! There it was.” 

Does it run on electricity?” Wendy asked, now even more curious about this solar surfer. 

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Stomach grumbling, Wendy followed the scent of the pie. It had seemed like ages since she had smelled something so delicious. Lowering into the forest, Wendy saw a delightful cottage with a chimney going. Wendy strolled towards it and stuck her head in the open window. "Hello, is anyone home? I would really love to have a slice of pie, I will work for it. I promise!" Wendy called into the cottage.


Snow White hummed and pulled a fresh rhubarb pie out of the oven with mitted gloves, doing it any other way would be just silly! “Mmmmm,” she smelled it and smiled at her animal friends, “I just can’t wait until this one cools down.” 

She carried it over to the window and was scooting over a blueberry pie she had baked earlier to make room for the hot one when she suddenly realized that somebody was at the window with her. Snow White was so startled she almost dropped the hot tin right onto her own feet, “Oh hello, dear. Come around to the door and I’ll let you in.”

Even though the dwarfs had said to not let in strangers, Snow couldn’t help herself. It was just a little girl who was hungry, how much danger could that be? “There is no need to work for a slice,” she said as she opened up the door. “Would you rather have blueberry or wait for the rhubarb to cool?”

"Oh, I simply must offer some help in return. It is only proper. My father taught me to always work for the things I want in life, so I simply must help you!" Wendy declared, as she was let in by the beautiful woman. Her skin was as white as snow, her lips as red as a rose, her hair as dark as ebony. 

"Besides, if the rhubarb is cooling, then I can do something for you in my spare time," Wendy offered once more. The smells of the freshly baked pie filled her nostrils and make her stomach growl. 

"I am so sorry. I cannot control it," Wendy apologized, pressing down on her stomach to urge it to stop. Looking towards the sink full of dishes from the pie, Wendy turned to the woman. "I could do your dishes. I think I could be quite good at that."